Whispers of love

As the supernatural embodiment of love, God’s love is enormously evident in your life, you have to recognise it to know it, only then can you begin to appreciate his works. He is present through troubles, through life’s challenges, he is right there able and willing to help, whispering words of encouragement; “get up and try again my son”, “don’t give up daughter”, “I am right here with you”, “keep pressing on”, “I love you and I will help you through this”. These whispers are often unheard through noise and distractions, especially when we are lost in the circle of life, many people are swamped by the racket of living in today’s world, but God’s whispers are still there, only often not heard. Pursue God so you can hear his gentle whisper, seek first God’s kingdom and align with his plans, engage the bible to open yourself up to hearing His whispers, be obedient and patient with the word of God, it takes time and effort to sync with the Holy scripture, Jesus is speaking to you today, will you hear him whisper.

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