You are a shining city upon a hill

For all the history of humanity, right from evolution, through the Stone Age, Age of Enlightenment, past the First and Second World War, man has always been like a shining city upon a hill, true to the word of God in Mathew 5:14, “ye are the light of the world, a city upon a hill that cannot hide”. Man’s ability to deal resourcefully with personal, interpersonal and transpersonal problems makes him the most powerful creation of God almighty. That ingenuousness, inventiveness, ability to be creative has made the world a better place, but it is still not good enough. And that’s why in verse 16 Jesus said, “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works”. This means that we should manifest through godly deeds by walking in the light of God. We are admonished not to get mixed up with people who are immoral and impure. As surely, light stands out from darkness, so should we become as beacon of hope our world needs to guide it in times of despair, uncertainty, in times of economic downturn, health scare – pandemic, oppression and war, a beacon of holiness and righteousness.

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