Bitterness holds you down

It’s quite easy to be angry or unhappy with family members, trusted friends or colleagues at work, most of the time it’s because of the enormous love you have for them, this then gives you a feeling of betrayal or maybe sadness, in turn, it triggers angry emotions, bad feelings, your thoughts then erupts inwardly and sometimes outwardly too. Does this sound like you? It’s time to let go! Let go of the bad feelings, hatred, anger, let go of it all. Those feelings are trouble for your wellbeing, they will only make you more miserable. Your offender may not deserve your forgiveness, but forgive anyway, they may not be worthy of your love, but love them anyway, turn those negative energy to positive ones, you will in no time find that you are happier as a result, make a resolution today, that no matter what anyone does to hurt your feelings or how many times they do, you won’t allow bitterness to hold you in bondage, set your mind free!

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