Christianity: Finding your Feet in an Emerging World

Emerging social, cultural and political trends are significantly posing a threat to christian values. This present a challenge for the body of Christ to live Christianly. This dilemma goes to the root of the biblical framework for holiness and righteousness, the world has become the enemy of the spiritual life, our elected officials and politicians are driving changes that threatens traditional Christian believes. This creates a vulnerability issue for the church, but it emphasises the need for you and I to unleash a determination never seen before, if you don’t have a righteous objective, eventually you will fall into their plans. To the electorate the idea of sin has become permissive, to the politicians they have propelled a world that makes sin the new normal. But God’s plans of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ must remain the centre piece of the gospel and we all have a duty to demonstrate this through our ways of life. As Paul wrote in the book of Galatians, we are not saved by law but by faith in Jesus Christ teaching us how to be free from the burden of the law. Every Christian has to stand strong in the face of persecution, while Jesus Christ himself taught about tolerance and patience with one another, nevertheless, it was not an invitation to permit immorality and sin, however, the most effective way we can change the world’s orientation is living by example in a way that honours God especially in an opinionated world of today. Ironically, Christian leaders are part of this broken system, and that’s why Apostle Paul warned about choosing competent church leaders especially in todays immoral, materialistic society. Some of these leaders have turned themselves to some sort of semi god who can do no wrong, unfortunately for them, they are right there at the center of ungodliness. They represent the false teachers warned about in the early church, they are like a square peg in a round hole, and they have the ability to manipulate the scripture for their benefit, worst still, millions of Christians are under their grip, listening to their false teachings. So church, let us stand firm to show ourselves as a ‘pattern of good works’, Titus 2:7, because we are so blessed God gave us more than just the bible, he gave us the Holy Spirit to help us find our feet in this emerging sin-ridden world.

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