Holding each other accountable truthfully

You must remember that you have an oversight over the actions of your spouse, this should nevertheless be exercised in a confrontational manner, but in a protective and loving way. You can protect him from mistakes and vice versa, be honest about your views, your loyalty should not becloud the wrongfulness of their actions especially if towards a third party, you should always tell your spouse the truth no matter how painful, after all no one is perfect. Be their mirror, telling your partner the truth isn’t always the easy option but it is the right thing to do, remember also that you are first a child of God before you became anything to him or her, God’s will is that we shed light to every darkness, sometimes making the wrong decisions isn’t always intentional, but the bible teaches us that iron sharpens iron, so this is positive, it is encouraging, never sit on falsehood to show loyalty, it is an easy mistake to make especially if you feel the need to take sides, it is God’s intention for you to point your spouse to the right direction, failing which He will ask questions of you sooner or later.

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