Let the symbol of Christmas allay your fears

We all love good news, but in reality we are sometimes taken aback when bad news comes our way jeopardising a lasting peace we always craved for. Today, whatever your fears are, whatever burden you’ve been carrying on your shoulders for some time now, whatever suffering you’ve had to endure, you can find hope in the message of Christmas and everything it represents; love, hope, joy, and blessings. The most repeated commandment in the bible is “fear not”, so throughout the festive season and beyond, whether you are depressed, lonely, sad, in debt, having self harm or suicidal thoughts, let the symbol of Christmas take your fears away, know that you are not alone in what you are passing through, Jesus Christ loves you and wants to make your life better, all you have to do is to believe in his message, He is more than able to provide for your needs and make all your fears go away.

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