Life after Coronavirus

With nearly 1,050,000 people infected and over 55,000 death world wide and still accelerating, there’s no doubt that Covid-19 has changed our world in ways we never imagined. From time immemorial, the vizccititude of life has only made mankind stronger; conquering challenges, that’s what we do, we beat problems; we jump hurdles, climb mountains, swim oceans, wrestle the tides, overcome the torrents, we outlive the storm. The question is not if we will defeat this common enemy, it is when. And after it is all over, should life remain business as usual? One thing is certain, the health crisis has united the world, from China to Italy, India to UAE, Nigeria, United Kingdom, USA, France, Iran, Canada, Germany, Canada, Spain and all other sovereign nations, heads of governments have never worked in harmony as they do now, the reality is, for once, world leaders are not at each other’s throat, it has taken a common enemy to unite them in ways they have never been before. 
When the hue and cry is over, let’s remember the dead, the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers that put their own lives at risk to look after the sick, the cleaners who kept the hospitals operational, the grocery attendants who stacked up the shelves for us to have food, let’s remember the paramedics who came running to our rescue, lets remember how the colour of our skin and our language didn’t matter, let’s remember how our social status became irrelevant, let’s remember how our freedom and liberty meant little or nothing as the virus imprisoned us to the four corners of our rooms, indeed, let’s remember how all that is precious became vanity; money, cars, property, fashion, all nought in the face of war, we must now learn our lessons and reconcile back to the almighty God (2 Corinthians 5:20), we must love our neighbours as we do ourselves (Mark 12:31), treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness. Your ignored neighbours, those work colleagues you give the cold shoulder, the unforgiving demeanour, bitchiness, the lies and backbiting, we all have to turn a new leaf. It was a painful death that Jesus Christ paid for our transgression, we must now recognise that we belong to each other, that is what this crisis have reminded us, we must double down on social ills; crime, racism and prejudice, discrimination, drug and alcohol addiction, cruelty, bullying, fornication, adultery, divorce, child abuse, social stratification, inequality, hate crimes and so on and so forth. We must embrace the embodiment of love and kindness, we must come together to make the days ahead of us greater than the ones behind us, we can only do this through Jesus Christ our Lord, who has made us his ambassadors, as though God was making his appeal through us, I implore you on Christ’s behalf: be reconciled to God, 2 Corinthians 5:20.

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