Transient life vs Eternal life; choose wisely

If we have learnt any lesson about this life, it is in the simple reality of those who have come before us and those who have left ahead of us, that simple reality is that we too are not going to be here forever. For all the luxury of life, the riches and wealth, the desires and the aspirations, perhaps they are the fuel to keep us going till the end of time. But how will the end look like when life pull its plug on us, we all know the body is interned six foot below in a cemetery, but what happens to the spirit, does it go somewhere or does it just evaporate into thin air. It is said that the soul is more powerful than the body dies but not the soul. While the body carries the soul, when they disintegrate in the process of death, it’s the body that dies, the soul lives on see Mathew 10:28 which says that “do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul”… From religious perspective the soul ascends into a spiritual realm joining the souls of others that have gone before it and waiting to pass through some form of eternal life- the good life in heaven or the condemned life in hell. Not everyone believes in heaven and hell but that doesn’t mean both don’t exist. Likewise God does not need the permission of those who do not believe in his existence, to be God. The existential doubt of both worlds still begs the question, what happens to the soul when it is snuffed out of the body. What does the bible say about the soul when it dies, what does the Quran says about the soul when it dies, what does spiritualist doctrine say about the soul when it dies, and what are atheist believes about the soul when the body dies. They all point to a life after death, a form of eternal life different from the transient life we are all living now. Which of these is more important, which of these should you care about, eternal life is real, the consequences of our choices in this transient life is real too.
The road to eternal life is paved in the salvation Jesus Christ made available through his death and resurrection, and he has promised us eternal life, John 14:2-3, believing in Jesus Christ as the redeemer of our soul is the only way John 14:6.

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