Uncovering your hurts

If you have a deep cut on your arm what would you do, would you just cover it up with mushroom and pretend it didn’t exist, would you simply hold on to the cut as you go up and about your daily activity or would you just dial 999? A wound will fester, ooze, it would grow painful and infected, your condition would get worse, you might lose your ability to live, instead of ignoring you are wounded, it is right to seek medical help, perhaps a visit to your GP. Emotional wound must also be treated like this, like physical wound, if left unattended to, it will only get worse, untreated emotional wound can lead to an outburst of anger and despair but if you would admit your hurt, God is ready to heal you, he is your divine 999 dial, pay him a visit like you do your GP, you don’t need an appointment, you don’t even have to be spiritual, just talk like he’s there, he hears you and he understands you more than you will ever imagine, He is the great physician greater than any paramedic, GP or surgeon, he can perform spiritual operation on your heart, he can fix it, he can fix you!

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