You too can become a fearless woman

Everyone experience fear at some point – it’s part of being human. Yet, no matter how overwhelmed that fear may have made us feel, we are able to break through and become change-agents because of it. You may live in completely different society than others, where there is no support either from government or charitable organisation, but I want to introduce you to one of the inspiring women in the bible; Ruth, who lived in a time where women were more or less regarded as property, but you can learn a great deal from her story. You will see that you may not live a life that’s absent of fear, but you can live a life where you trust God and don’t allow fear to stop you from achieving great things.

By so doing you will become a fearless woman who is strong when it comes to facing hard situations. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, struggling with marital challenges, relationships, whether you are bereaved, feel isolated or lonely, overwhelmed or struggling to cope, frustrated maybe, but when you put your trust in God, you will be confident in who you are and what you can achieve, and in Ruth’s example of fearlessness, she encouraged others to be courageous and to make a difference.

Ruth was a widow and yet, God helped her to overcome all her problems, She lost her husband and was living with her widowed mother-in-law. She also also had no child, some believing she may have been barren. The pain Ruth must have been in was immense but she didn’t allow her past to hold her back. Ruth showed remarkable faith for such a young woman, she had the faith to believe that God was who He said He was and faith to believe that God would provide for her. Her bravery, faith and obedience paved the way for her. Ruth was able to overcome her past by believing in the ability of God to save her, and He did, so should you.

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